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selected work

Certified UX|UI & Web Designer. 
• UX Research & UCD | User Personas | User Journey | Problem Statement
• Business Analysis | Brand Attributes | Ideation
• Information Architecture | Accessibility basics | Wireframing | Testing
• UI Design | Design System | Atomic Design | Prototyping | Usability Testing
• Websites | Apps | iOS | Design & Responsiveness
• Usability evaluation & Re-design
• Design Implementation

• Affinity Serif | Figma | HTML | CSS | JS | Ruby on Rails

→ Monica Beju

Personal Trainer

Brand design and Website in progress...

Deliverables: Logo | Business Card | Customized Icons | Website | Photography | Social Media Layout

Challenge: understanding Monica's expertise in fitness, her identity, and potential audience.
Approach: deep research on the topic, existing trainers in her area, possible target audience. concept development (font, colors, icon style). Content & Photography in progress


Berlin Start-Up

Landing page for the Web3 Marketplace for Carbon Neutral Fuels, Carbon Credits, Infrastructure & Project-Investments, co-owned by producers, buyers, and investors. 

Deliverables: Logo | Landing page | App prototype

Challenge: develop fully from scratch by analyzing pitch deck and a few iterations with stakeholders.
Approach: deep research on the CNF topic, existing markets, target audience. CNF purchasing & donating process, products & green projects tracking feature for transparency, CO2 avoidance goal tracking, user's contribution sharing option, CNF vs Fossil fuel price tracking, educational and related events material.

→ digital.DAVOS 2022

Online Conference | A relevant event backchannel held alongside the World Economic Forum.

California | USA

Challenge: Existing website offers a full list of events only.
Approach: Reorganized events by date and time or by speakers facilitating audience search
・Page dedicated to speakers with theirs respective profile images, topics, date of presentation, and their linkedin profile.
・Page for events classified by date with full information
・Page for archives events from previous years
・Login feature for registration and newsletters.

→ ARTIST-Made #hackARThon winner 2021

eCommerce / NFT / Fan Engagement Platform.

Matching Lovers of Art & Design, Creators and Art & Design Community Hubs
Approach: The main goal was to bring NFTs to a broader audience and to give artists the chance to control all aspects of their art, including distribution and monetization.
eCommerce prototype + Fan engagement app and monetization, token economy based, providing limited edition art & design items as well as fan participation throughout voting.

Basel | Switzerland

→ Gabriela Schweinberger

International Business Coach | Trainer | Consultant | Mentor | Berlin based.

Deliverables: [Logo | Business Card | Website | Portrait | Banners]

Challenge: Previous website lacked of structure, too many topics and colors, no call to action.
Approach: all services reorganized in five main topics based on target audience, each one defined by a specific meaningful color and explained further in individual pages with related videos, photo gallery, and clients opinions. Professional Portrait added expressing her welcoming, friendly and dynamic personality.

→ SoBe Affairs  

Hospitality | Miami Beach, Art-Deco District | FL

Art-Deco style Short-Term Furnished Rentals 2013-2018 closed due to new residential regulations.

Deliverables: Web | Brand Design | Staging & Photography | Social media visual content
Challenge: Booking manually via email or airbnb/ facebook page apartments images, no website.

Approach: Page with booking, amenities, and photo gallery for each apartment connected to a main team calendar and airbnb calendar avoiding overbooking. Welcoming guests:

• page for all transportation: price range, maps, and directions from airport to each apartment.
• page for entertainment: beach yoga, water sports, tango, tours, shopping in the area.
• page with monthly events: city-events calendar, museums, exhibitions, and fairs.
• page for facilities: laundry, 24hr stores, pharmacies, electronics, car rentals, parking lots, more.

• page for locals: cafes, organic markets, theaters, street fairs, night beach dancing...

→ Untitled-INC  |  Contributor

Venture Network | Berlin | Germany

Token Economy Think Tank and Ventures Launchpad

Challenge: members profiles in sephia images effect, too much information on one page, outdated information, too many colors just similar to its predefined brand colors, 

Approach: Additional page for members only, with profile cards, profile pictures, description and network links. Connect actions to primary color, define images style throughout the entire site, actualized contents such as events and interviews, 


→ Eventify

Building bridges between culture & people. | Too many channels and hundreds newsletters are overwhelming and time-consuming

Approach: One app for all cultural events to find relevant 'personalized' information, filter by specific needs, location (map), date (calendar), event information, booking, notifications, sharing features. 

→ Spectrum

Project | The Raw App for Colored Moods | A cozy experience for gathering holistic knowledge about oneself. Design for those who are hyper-saturated by communication and work environment, users can customize their experience by choosing their preferences of feelings and colors related, and adding to a calendar to gather holistic knowledge about themselves. They can be aware of their feelings, track their moods, and share with their community for support.

→ html | css

UX/UI portfolio built in html/css.

BVG App _ Journey path analysis_edited.jpg
→ Case Study

1. BVG App | Padeling along the Berliner Public Transport App

2. Notability App | designed in layers for full flexibility.
3. WEF App | Making sense out of recurring users' path / Desktop vs App

→ laundry-lounge

Laundry-Lounge, loads of fun! | Enjoy a drink, a cafe, a yoga class, or a book while waiting for your laundry. Laundry + locator & booking.

→ artist-made / e-commerce

e-Commerce | Digital Artwork + Gift Shop inspired by art.

graphic design