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Certified UX|UI Designer

Frontend Developer

Visual Brand Designer

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IA | Portfolio | Prototype | eCommerce

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SMB & StartUps

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Vision, Mission, Values, Target Audience, Positioning Brand Personality


Brand Voice, Messaging, Taglines & Slogans


Digital / Eco-friendly



Landing Page | Portfolio



IronHack Web Dev. Certified..

Wix | Webflow

Webflow Certified.

Wix-Studio Certified


Experienced in: AI/ChatGPT, Blockchain, NFTs, Tokenization.

untitled INC Token Economy Experts & Ventures.

Web3 | NFT-Talents Cert.

#hackARThon Winner 


→ User Research & their pain points

→ IA: Web logical structure

→ Wireframing/Prototyping

→ Accessibility basics/ Responsiveness

→ Design System​/Figma

→ Usability evaluation & Re-design
IronHack UX/UI Certified.

IxDF Member.
Google UX/UI Certified.

06/ UX|UI Certified

Logo, Color Palette, Typography, Imagery Style, Iconography


Project's goals, industry, brand, and data-driven decisions


Regenerative Finance,


Doughnut Economics,

Circular Economy,

Climate Tech Solutions



Publication - Contribution

Building Systems Integration for Enhanced Environmental Performance 


Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Framework (Completion) 


Web3 | ReFi-Talents Certified. ← 

( Cert. of Distinguished Performance) 


→ Architect Designer, 12 yrs of experience in hotels, resorts, nightclubs.

→ Project Manager, 3 yrs.

→ Urban Planning - Smart Cities TU-Berlin, Master Program

→ Minor in Construction Mgmt.

→ Architecture Photography


→ South America - Miami - Berlin


clients & partners

I believe design happens where style, functionality, tech, and the planet🌱 go hand in hand creating remarkable experiences for the people.​ / X-iO

→ Before embarking on this exciting journey, I had the incredible opportunity to work as an architect-designer, as well as a real estate agent collaborating with renowned agencies and established firms in South America, Miami and later in Berlin.


→ This diverse background has allowed me to:

  • cultivate a keen eye for details,

  • understand deeply the user-centered design principles

  • understand the human environmental development at a global scale based on their background, culture, lifestyle, history, and other factors influencing their decisions,

  • be able to create visual experiences that bridge the gap between form and function,

  • be able to take concepts to final prototypes, whether working independently, or as part of a team.

→ For brand visual concept development, I strive to unlock the value of businesses, or personal images, in order to create that visual element that tells the story.

→ In addition, I like documentaries, love traveling and engaging with other cultures to learn from them. I'm a self-taught architecture photographer and I'm passionate about design & innovation, fascinated by emerging technologies: AI, VR, AR, Web3, and Climate Tech.

→ I believe machines are here to serve humanity, to offer us better opportunities and a better lifestyle by improving productivity and automating tedious tasks.


Dr. Oliver Krause
Diana worked on our FUEL-SWAP startup project from the very beginning: logo, landing page, and website, and UX/UI for the prototype application of our marketplace. She delivered all elements on time and always went the extra mile. Her creativity, excellent eye for design, and constant drive to improve solutions really stand out. She is very supportive and identifies with the goal of this venture. She is curious, wants to learn and understand the big picture as well as the details, sees the broader picture, and inspires us to try different solutions. Diana definitely is an asset for any project or venture.
Entrepreneur | Investor
Merce Caballero
Together we founded SoBe Affairs (2013-2019 Aptos/Short-term furnished stay). Diana took charge of the brand design, and website with integrated booking, connected to the Airbnb profile and other platforms, which greatly facilitated our work. She also took charge of the photos of the units, staging, and social media. She organized the page so that guests could access any possible curiosities (maps, transport, shopping, local events...). On the other hand, she automated many details such as the check-in process with smart locks. Whenever she was and from where she was geographically, she was attentive online solving the concerns of the guests in a very professional and efficient way, ensuring customer satisfaction, and maintaining a high profile of a super-host with more than a thousand excellent reviews. Unfortunately, SoBe closed due to new short-term rental laws in Miami. It was an absolute pleasure to have taken this experience so closely with Diana.
Hospitality Manager
Manja Babel
Diana is such a pleasure to work with. She's highly motivated and very passionate about what she's doing. I had the chance to work with her on two software projects and her outstanding project management and organizational skills greatly contributed to the team's success. She ensured the project gets delivered on time and everyone was focused on the most important tasks. Furthermore, her keen eye for design ensured that what we have worked on was not only functional but also looking beautiful. Having a great design was not her only focus though. Creating a great user experience was equally important. Whenever we discussed about new features making sure the customer can use our product in an easy and smooth way has always been a key element for her.
Software Engineer
Gabriela Schweinberger
Diana created my new website and it was an absolute stroke of luck. She listened very carefully from the beginning and asked the right questions to find out what I REALLY needed and what I did NOT need. Only then she made a concept for me, which then exceeded all my expectations. It represents me and my business the way I want it to. Even being able to change things on my website was especially important for me. But the most enjoyable thing was working with Diana. She works really hard for her clients, thinks ahead, and meets all deadlines. She is always friendly and empathetic, and that's especially important when you don't understand any of this. I felt really in good hands and I am happy with my website every day!We also had a photo session where she took great pictures of me to include my photos on the website.Thank you so much!
International Trainer | Mentor | Advisor


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