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#3 De|Centralization from Data-Storage to Decision-Making Power

Centralized | Decentralized | Data Transfer | Decision-Making | DAO

By X⏤ iO member of NFT Talents & Untitled-INC Token Economy Experts

Let’s start from the beginning. When we invented computers, digital documents were stored locally. We then were able to transfer a copy of data to another computer through external hardware, via CDs or memory sticks. In the next phase, we connected to the internet and were able to communicate instantly. We then moved file storage and other applications to the cloud, which allows network-based access to communication tools. These include emails, calendars, productivity software, teamwork working simultaneously, and data stored in service providers' hardware, from whatsapp messages to legal documents, artwork, payment systems, etc. -commonly from centralized entities. Now we are exploring opportunities for decentralization.

we stored locally, we now store in private owned clouds
we stored locally, we now store in privately owned clouds

Have you ever wondered why such a concept is gaining traction in various fields, from technology to governance?

Decentralization covers many aspects, for instance, the way we store data or how decision-making power is taken away from a central authority and is transferred to a group of individuals or communities.