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Eventify | Building bridges between culture & people.

Find personalized information about cultural events near you in one single place!

By X⎻iO | @ironHack ux|ui



How may we help museums and other public institutions fulfilling their mission of preserving cultural heritage while making it more accessible to a wider audience?

Since the 1970s, museums and other public institutions have been suffering a profound crisis. The purpose of this type of institution is to make heritage accessible to everyone.

Cultural Events build bridges between art and people.

NFTs will continue to permeate the art market in 2022.| Priska x Elena Bajo, Dance of Opium Poppies, 2021. Courtesy of PRISKA PASQUER GALLERY.
NFTs will continue to permeate the art market in 2022.| Priska x Elena Bajo, Dance of Opium Poppies, 2021. Courtesy of PRISKA PASQUER GALLERY.

Population in Germany by frequency of visiting cultural events and museums in leisure time from 2017 to 2021 (persons in millions)



The Tool | From Interviews, we deducted that most users get frustrated signing up for so many Newsletters /websites/ apps they have to go through to find the right event, which is time-consuming.

The Audience | Considering a family, with a wide range of ages and generations: kids, teenagers, adults, elderly, and moreover, accessibility for full inclusion.

The Search | Specific features that allow the audience to find events based on their needs such as family-friendly activities, or innovative activities for teenagers, based on location, languages offered, prices, etc... Motivation | The more possibilities people have to engage with something, the more motivated they are to be part of it. Therefore, a gamification or voting system could give people a voice such as the locals' decisions on new exhibitions or artists, or rewarding cultural games for teenagers. Education | Keeping people up to date, not only with events' information but with relevant cultural content. Regarding events, beyond time, date, and basic information; it would be ideal to include the history, background, and artists' profiles and motivations. Media | To keep up with the new generation, promotions and innovative ads should also be promoted on the latest social media platforms. → be cool!




  • on finding the relevant cultural information saving time.

  • on making it accessible globally


  • on the digital experiences as AR or VR

  • on gamification to bring a fun aspect to an activity







We have observed that too many channels are overwhelming and time-consuming for users, there is no centralized global information on culture, families need different types of entertainment based on age, and teenagers are not motivated enough to engage in cultural events.



[Eventify] is an app to find relevant information about cultural events filtered by specific needs, to learn all about culture, and it is available globally.



Logo | Colors | Typography

  • Research gathering information about the target audience, such as family, different generations' priorities, activities, and inclusion

  • Concept development brainstorming and ideation phase with different concepts for the logo, color, images, and typography.

  • Implementing across all the touchpoints of the brand.

Welcome to → EVENTIFY Create your personal profile, find out about interesting events near you, buy and sell tickets, and never lose track again.



Flow1 → Login / Sign up & Preference Settings. Flow2 → Search for events based on specific dates/locations/preferences.

Flow3 → Purchasing/ add date to calendar/notifications /cancel/resell.



Current user / add these features :

  • Artists’ profiles/web for more exposure

  • Gamification: Ex. Accumulate points to have discounts (ex: 10 visits = 1 free visit)

  • Local community participation: voting and donations

Young users / add these features :

  • Add social network on the app

  • Create Eventify pages on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, uTube, TikTck and to inform about the next events in an innovative way.

  • More suggestions for young generations (VR/AR)

  • Connect the app with existing educational channels

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