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Diana Himmelreich

Diana Himmelreich

Passionate about design & innovation, fascinated by topics such as Ai, Blockchain, NFTs, Cryptocurrency, Web3.0, Renewable Energy...(with humanity in mind). I am a former architect-designer, self-taught photographer, art lover, active traveler, foodie by heart, and brand identity designer unlocking the values of businesses or personal images to create that visual element that tells the story.

Also, I'm quite curious and interested in new ideas and new ways of doing things making life easier and pleasant. I believe design happens where style, functionality, and technology go hand in hand creating remarkable experiences for the people. I believe we come to earth for good, to be served by machines giving each human being the choice to follow their true passion; therefore, to make the best out of our capacity to solve problems, to dream, create, automate boring tasks (incl. driving), provide free education for all globally, advance, live well, and enjoy life.

Also behind Artist-Made prototype.

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